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Miscellaneous - Programs

ID Artist Title Country Description Price
46 AC / DC 9 UK 24 page full colour 9 Lives Tour Program $10.00
44 AC / DC Ballbreaker World Tour 1996 UK 28 page full colour Tour Program $10.00
45 Aerosmith Get A Grip Tour 93/94 UK 24 page full colour Tour Program $10.00
50 The Beautiful South 1999 UK 24 page full colour Tour Program with Souvenir Stickers $10.00
53 Blondie No Exit UK 32 page full colour Tour Program $10.00
54 Blur 1995 UK 1995 UK Tour Program
12" x 9.5"
28 Pages full colour
Foil stamped Gatefold cover
Very nice looking presentation
Full of great action shots from various venues throughout the UK
60 Deep Purple Moments of Abandon UK Moments Of Abandon
Japanese Tour Program
32 Pages colour
The Making of Abandon:Words and Pictures by Roger Glover
Printed in English and Japanese
65 Happy Together Tour 1984 Program 16 pages with The Association Gary Puckett Spanky McFarlane & the Turtles $10.00
84 Jethro Tull A USA 16 page Official full colour Tour program from "A"
72 The Phantom of the Opera Souvenir program from the Pantages Theater in Toronto 36 page full colour Program in excellent condition. Includes a 96 page performance day program (Day program has a creased cover) $12.00
71 The Phantom Of the Opera Teachers Resource Kit Custom Phantom Folder with intructions for teaching about The Phantom of the Opera and an Invitation to attend the play $10.00
75 REM 95 UK 20 page full colour Tour Program $10.00
80 The The Versus the World UK 24 page full colour Tour Program $10.00

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